Come Silently Like the Moon

I resurrected this one from an earlier post. As I was gazing at beautiful paintings of the night, it came to me and I remembered how much I loved it and him, of course.

O, my love
Come silently in the middle of the night
As gliding moonlight

With your tender touch
Bring sweet dreams to my eyes

O, my love, never again
I will need to open the door,
Come quietly through the door of my heart
Be there forever in my sweet memory

Come as the fragrance of un-blossomed flowers
Swaying in the evening breeze
Sing out my name over and over again
Like love-stricken evening bird in the wilderness

Come as tear drops in my eyes
Whisper in my ears like soothing tune of flute
Come as my lost love
O my ever lost love
Be there as eternal pain in my heart.

Nazrul Islam 1899-1976


2 thoughts on “Come Silently Like the Moon

  1. wow it’s really beautiful ..even when some people are gone they still seem to linger in your heart .in many ways making it up to the physicality the lost one lacks ..he’s a thought but you still feel his touch..all wut matters is memories..which never die yet grow stronger each and everyday

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