Quiet Thoughts

It has been many nights since I have been alone in the blissful silence of the night, my thoughts my only companion.  I sit trying to write the words to you, words I hope will help you understand what is in my heart and words that will bring you the true meaning of what I feel.  Those words end up in another draft, a post left unpublished as I struggle to make them right.

 The journal sits waiting for the day when I will have time to start it once again and perhaps there, in the private pages written from me and only for you, I will be able to find the words that tangle up inside me tonight. 

Perhaps I’ll work on the poem that sits waiting, or perhaps I will just try to find a way to tell you how I miss you, and make sense of it.  Morning has come and your day awaits, while I am called to sleep, the days and hours of our lives passing quietly by each other. Perhaps today we will touch if only for a moment, our souls drifting together again in a place of quiet wonder and remembrance.


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