No Obsession

Tonight as I sat working
on the day’s tasks
your name came up,
why I can’t be sure
and I was told
quite out of the blue
that you were an obsession.
The words cut at my heart
as obsession is something
you have never been.
My life goes on, as does yours
and there is no mistaking
what I feel now
and what I have felt before.
Obsession does not love
but possesses something it does not know.
It cares not, but only wants
and takes all it can
but never gives, not truly.

I know there are many
who would think you an obsession
based on things that hold
no importance to my heart.
Once before I said
it is the man inside I love
the one whose words speak
as if I have heard them before.
My life will go on
no doubt of that,
but it is richer
because I know you are here,
and though I can’t explain it
we have been here before.

No obsession fills my heart,
only love that is free
to travel where it will
and give all that it is.
This is what love is
despite what others
choose to believe.

One day our souls
will meet again,
and all that I have felt
will be wrapped
in the sweet certainty
of the moment that waits
for you and I.


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