Tonight I am floating away my senses lost at sea. The water holds me in it’s still soft embrace. Weightless, light as air I drift across the surface, where the stars are the tapestry of the night. As I move through the water I can almost see you and I wait for you to hear […]

The Moon and Sea

You are the moon, dear love, and I the sea: The tide of hope swells high within my breast, And hides the rough dark rocks of life’s unrest When your fond eyes smile near in perigee. But when that loving face is turned from me, Low falls the tide, and the grim rocks appear, And […]

If Only

If only you were here tonight, or I could hear your voice. The words would fall from me like the rain on a spring day and I could tell you what is in my heart and soul. There would be no poetic words, no romantic harmony, for you must know, if you read my heart, […]

I Wait

Why are dreams so few, dreams when for a moment we come together a touch, a soft word, so real like the sunrise and sunset in a stolen embrace. Each night I wait for you in dreams for it is there, with you my heart finds home at last.