Tonight I am floating away

my senses lost at sea.

The water holds me in

it’s still soft embrace.

Weightless, light as air

I drift across the surface,

where the stars

are the tapestry of the night.

As I move through the water

I can almost see you

and I wait for you to hear

the whispers that call

“come and lose yourself with me.”


One thought on “Floating

  1. I am free,
    like an angel,
    and take on many forms

    I laugh and I listen
    I am never far away
    I am never gone at all

    I am a friend,
    a good book,
    or a pink and golden sunset

    I am a mothers touch
    and a fathers
    helping hand

    You know me
    I am you

    You are me
    and through

    I am unconditional love
    and you
    are too!

    love poems

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