Much My Heart Needs To Share

It seems when Autumn is almost at it’s end and winter blows the first frosty air, you come to me like no other time.  My dreams are filled with you and you seem to walk beside me in everything I do. As I watched the moon and the stars embrace the first light of sun on the horizon, it was as if I could hear your voice.  My heart is filled with aches, for the words I cannot share and quiet moments I cannot have. But now we have those first winter days when we seem to walk together in some secret place filled with a knowing and words that speak in whispers.  It is time to sleep and I am rambling again. Perhaps you will be in my dreams again.  They have been so few, those dreams of you, and now you are with me often.  Today I will sleep well and dream, and if you should choose to come and walk with me there, I have much my heart needs to share.


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