At Love’s Coming

Like some weed-tangled forest pool, Unsunned, forgotten, grey, So fared my shadowed fate before Yon came your shining way. Now, as a Dryad’s mirrored face Alight flush those waters dim, Your coming floods my waiting life With beauty to the brim; And I would shine the wonder back Till all sad eyes should know Your […]

You are everywhere  today so strong, your face looking back at me from the mirror and through  snow covered windows. There is much I want to say only to you,  not the flowery words of love,  for they come easily enough and often with careless regard. My words come from a place within me, beyond […]

Winter Morning

Morning has come again, and here I sit thinking of you.  Nothing new, just the same old thoughts that keep me warm on a cold winter’s morning. I miss  you. Perhaps someday I will get the chance to explain that and so much more.  Perhaps someday soon.

Tonight I find it hard to write any words, not because I do not have them,  but because I want to share them with you and no one else.  There is a bond between us, one I know will never weaken, and that bond is ours alone whatever it may be.  Tonight I find it […]