Winter Morning

Morning has come again, and here I sit thinking of you.  Nothing new, just the same old thoughts that keep me warm on a cold winter’s morning. I miss  you. Perhaps someday I will get the chance to explain that and so much more.  Perhaps someday soon.


3 thoughts on “Winter Morning

  1. Author:

    David Jeffrey, Canada


    Awakened with a Kiss

    A love unknown to me, but growing day by day.

    Residing within my heart, where it chose to quietly lay.

    Days and years went by and ever stronger it did grow.

    Real love lay right before me and little did I know.

    I played in false romances, growing more bitter with each pain.

    But always, confiding in my dear friend, time and time again.

    Till a warm summer night, and with reckless might, she took me in her arms.

    And with a kiss, the love emerged and I was awakened to it’s charms.

  2. Sandpiper or a Star by David Jeffrey

    A sandpiper or a star.

    A wish for one, a wish for two

    I think I shall, with them both for you.

    What can I say, what could I do

    All I can do is send blessings to you

    We had sunsets to see, and places to be

    A life of romance, filled with sun, life, and dance

    Forgive me my love, forget those cruel words I said

    I was hurt at the time, and could only see red.

    Like a spoiled brat, I snapped back at you

    And hurled my cruel words, meant to cut through and through.

    I know you can forgive but will you forget

    Is there a chance, that we will see that sunset.

    A moonlit night, the morning sun’s glow

    Can we view them together? Can we continue to grow?

    Or are we done, this is the end

    I have lost not only a girlfriend but also a friend.

    To quote a quote on this tragic theme

    A moonlit night, a moon’s bright beam

    Neither here, nor neither there

    Such stars will twinkle everywhere

    If each of us are to have a star

    No matter how near nor how far

    And if then there would be a star for you

    Than you shall ever more have two.

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