I walked alone amid a thousand flowers,
That drooped their heads and drowsed beneath the dew,
And all my thoughts were quieted to sleep.
Behind me, on the walk, I heard a step —
I did not know my heart could tell his tread,
I did not know I loved him till that hour.
Within my breast I felt a wild, sick pain,
The garden reeled a little, I was weak,
And quick he came behind me, caught my arms,
That ached beneath his touch; and then I swayed,
My head fell backward and I saw his face.

Sara Teasdale

From the Poem “Guenevere”


4 thoughts on “

  1. hello!!!!

    I really liked your words…..but sorry to say couldn’t get the full meaning of the poem you wrote in this post!!!

    Actually I am not into reading a lot….recently started blogging for my Love……ya Love…..what a wonderful feeling that is. You feel blessed when she is with you. …..what do you say!!!!!

    • Sometimes I just post something that strikes me when I read it. If you go to the long poem and read it you might like it better. It may be that it doesn’t hold the same meaning for you. I wish I had written this but I can’t take credit for it.

  2. Yes!!!! different people might interpret the differently.
    Anyways….the result is always the same….the feeling of love. 🙂
    My Appreciations!!!!


  3. This is a very evocative and beautiful poem, thank you.

    The London Snowman didn’t manage to put his heart quite so clearly, but trying is the important thing, look here

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