Last night I stood out under the stars. It was warm but the air had cooled a bit, night giving way to a gentle breeze. With the dark moon the stars were illuminated¬† to a grand scale and the sky was dazzling. The pond was as still as glass and floating in the water could […]

“Between the dusk of a summer night And the dawn of a summer day, We caught at a mood as it passed in flight, And we bade it stoop and stay. And what with the dawn of night began With the dusk of day was done; For that is the way of woman and man, […]


Sometimes late at night, when the world is quiet and I am finally alone with my thoughts, I realize why it is I cannot find the words to write for others.¬† You are the one who makes the words happen for me, you always have been. Why that is I cannot say for sure, but […]