The Earth Grows Fragrant

The earth grows fragrant in the evening shadows –  
So sweet the flowers' breath is and so light, 
And from the dreamland of a bygone springtime 
You come again to visit me tonight.

An anxious thought once more disturbs my spirit, 
A blissful joy is glowing in my eyes. 
Words fade away, only a distant echo 
Repeats your name, the name my heart still cries.

With my whole being I can sense your presence, 
To earth you bring the fragrance of a dream, 
You are a lambent light whose rays of wonder
Tonight into my sombre bosom stream.

Though far away you are, at this great distance 
You are as ever my longed-for delight 
Emerging like a fairy queen of dreamland 
Amid the fragrant shadows of the night.

Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas

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