Thoughts on a December Night

Love is a doorway to faith and trust, faith in what you believe and trust in your heart and soul.  Love is no easy test as the world is full of doubters, those who do not believe and those who would take pains to destroy the beliefs of others.  Love is a gift for some and a curse for others, the cup half empty or half full.  For me it is a gift, as hard as it is for some to understand, a gift beyond words.

There is so much I would like to say tonight, but perhaps this is not the right place.  I suppose the words would be best left for a conversation, or the private pages of a letter. Something pushes me to write those words and so I have tried and tried again. It is not the eighteen times I tried with a letter once so many months ago, but my words have struggled to find the way.

You have found the way to the garden of my heart and with the key you have entered,  bringing life to that garden. You have filled it with the sounds of a summers day and the soft breeze of night. It is not the man in a picture, but someone beyond what others see, something deep within your words that speaks to me.  I feel you beyond those words and beyond distance, something I will never be able to explain, though I wish I had the chance.

It is late now and the crescent moon shines in the star filled sky. No doubt it is day for you. I hope your day is good and finds you well.

“Le coeur a ses raisons que le raison ne connaît point; on le sait en mille choses.”


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