There is something magical about the night, a quiet time when the world is settled, the sky draped by the stars and moon and I am alone with my thoughts.  Tonight is such a night, as I find myself awake in the wee hours thinking of you. I wonder where you are tonight, longing for the sound of your voice and comfort of your presence. My poetry has left me as I write this.  These are just words from the heart, one that needs you. You have been in my dreams again, almost as a visitor watching the dreams as I walk through them. Sometimes I can  hear you as I dream, telling me the things I need to know, quieting my doubts and surrounding me with a feeling I cannot explain.

Time and distance do not diminish my heart. You are part of me as I am of you, bound by the thread of time, unbreakable and enduring.   Perhaps you will hear my words tonight and find your way to me again.


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