Sometime ago I posted this song from a link I found. I was at the time musing on past lives and remembering.  The song is actually from a movie about a woman who had vivid dreams about a past life and is I think quite beautiful.

Who is it we remember and why I cannot answer except for myself.  Even then the “why” often remains unanswered.  There are those who feel familiar and those who may cause us to wonder if we have been there before just for that moment. Then there are those who makes us stop, who take our breath away and  awaken things so deep within us , we realize until that time we have wandered through life unaware.  Once awakened  life is never the same.

I heard you speak and I found my words.  I looked in your eyes and saw my own. My spirit walks within you, my soul beside you.  I am blessed to have found you no matter where our paths may carry us.


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