Last Night You Were In My Dreams

Last night you were in my dreams. It had been so long since I had found you there so clearly, like those in the past, dreams  I have never forgotten.   There you were, looking at me, your eyes catching me in a warm embrace, under the moonlight, by my side while I slept. There are those who would never believe  but it does not matter, nor do they. Some told me I would forget, it would pass, your presence would be gone. They were wrong. 

Once  I heard the soft whisper of “wait” and now I hear “he is waiting”.  Perhaps a letter would be something though not nearly enough, a letter I should have written so long ago. It would speak of my heart and soul, foolish maybe, but maybe not. For one day I will come to you and there will be no more waiting,  just two souls under the moonlight, together.


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