Another Dream

Last night I had another dream. You were there. Alas, that is all I can remember, but I woke with a feeling of comfort and connection, something I have needed badly. Sometimes it feels as if you know when I need this and just then I can feel you, a warm presence. It reminds me […]

Last Night You Were In My Dreams

Last night you were in my dreams. It had been so long since I had found you there so clearly, like those in the past, dreams  I have never forgotten.   There you were, looking at me, your eyes catching me in a warm embrace, under the moonlight, by my side while I slept. There are […]

“Keeper of My Heart” Think of me at night when sleep is near And I who love you are so far away Think of me then and I will come to you Nor leave you till the night turns into day Stretch forth thy hand and through the depths of dark Another hand will touch […]

To A Stranger

Passing stranger! you do not know How longingly I look upon you, You must be he I was seeking, Or she I was seeking (It comes to me as a dream) I have somewhere surely Lived a life of joy with you, All is recall’d as we flit by each other, Fluid, affectionate, chaste, matured, […]

I sail to you in the ocean of my dreams To a far away distant place Of great beauty and tranquility Where pain and suffering do not exist, Where we give praise for our joy and happiness, Where our love intertwines with a love for all things O beloved keeper of my heart The companion […]