Sometimes late at night, when the world is quiet and I am finally alone with my thoughts, I realize why it is I cannot find the words to write for others.  You are the one who makes the words happen for me, you always have been. Why that is I cannot say for sure, but […]

You are everywhere  today so strong, your face looking back at me from the mirror and through  snow covered windows. There is much I want to say only to you,  not the flowery words of love,  for they come easily enough and often with careless regard. My words come from a place within me, beyond […]

If Only

If only you were here tonight, or I could hear your voice. The words would fall from me like the rain on a spring day and I could tell you what is in my heart and soul. There would be no poetic words, no romantic harmony, for you must know, if you read my heart, […]

Quiet Thoughts

It has been many nights since I have been alone in the blissful silence of the night, my thoughts my only companion.  I sit trying to write the words to you, words I hope will help you understand what is in my heart and words that will bring you the true meaning of what I […]

Sometimes Love Finds You

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it when you stop looking when you stop trying and sometimes when you stop remembering what you thought love should be. It is then a window opens and you are caught on the breeze that rushes in, swirling around you leaving you forever changed. What you know from […]