I dream of the ocean standing by the waves My thoughts carry over the water and perhaps they find you. They speak in softness the wishes of my heart and the voice of my soul. One day we may meet by the water but if not, it will always be there carrying the voice of […]


Sometime ago I posted this song from a link I found. I was at the time musing on past lives and remembering.  The song is actually from a movie about a woman who had vivid dreams about a past life and is I think quite beautiful. Who is it we remember and why I cannot […]


There is something magical about the night, a quiet time when the world is settled, the sky draped by the stars and moon and I am alone with my thoughts.  Tonight is such a night, as I find myself awake in the wee hours thinking of you. I wonder where you are tonight, longing for […]

More Thoughts

You walk me with every day even after all this time and distance. None of it seems to matter and I know it never will. Some days I wonder why this was given to me.  It is not always easy, the days when I want to talk about it, to tell you what this is, […]