Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again. For then the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day. Come, as thou cam’st a thousand times, A messenger from radiant climes, And smile on thy new world, and be As kind to others as to […]

My Love is Always

Snow falls softly a whisper in the night it sparkles silver and white like a blanket of jewels covering the earth. So are words, soft whispers Sparkling in the night blanketing you with love. These words are not enough, never enough to express what resides in my heart. My love is always through days and […]

Last Night You Were In My Dreams

Last night you were in my dreams. It had been so long since I had found you there so clearly, like those in the past, dreams  I have never forgotten.   There you were, looking at me, your eyes catching me in a warm embrace, under the moonlight, by my side while I slept. There are […]

“Keeper of My Heart” Think of me at night when sleep is near And I who love you are so far away Think of me then and I will come to you Nor leave you till the night turns into day Stretch forth thy hand and through the depths of dark Another hand will touch […]